Nebraska Revised Statute 83-1,104

Chapter 83


District parole officer; duties.

A district parole officer shall:

(1) Make investigations, prior to a committed offender's release on parole, in cooperation with institutional caseworkers and the Board of Parole to determine the adequacy of parole plans and make reasonable advance preparation for release on parole;

(2) Assist a committed offender who requests assistance prior to release or a parolee to comply with the conditions of parole and to make a successful adjustment in the community, including facilitating the transitional needs of housing and employment, access to and participation in job training services in the community, access to mental health services, assisting with applications for health care coverage or ensuring that the committed offender or parolee knows how to apply for and obtain health care coverage, and assisting with enrollment in the medical assistance program established pursuant to the Medical Assistance Act, if eligible, to ensure that the committed offender or parolee has access to such program close to the time of release or soon thereafter;

(3) Supervise parolees by keeping informed of their conduct and condition, utilizing global positioning systems and other monitoring technology as needed during the period of supervision;

(4) Make such reports as required by the Director of Supervision and Services or district judge to determine the effectiveness of the parole system or the progress of an individual parolee;

(5) Cooperate with social welfare agencies;

(6) Observe the work of any parole officer under his or her supervision from time to time;

(7) Inform the Director of Supervision and Services when, in his or her opinion, any eligible parolee's conduct and attitude warrant his or her discharge from active supervision, or when any parolee's violation of the conditions of parole is of sufficient seriousness to require action by the Board of Parole or district judge and whenever necessary exercise the power of arrest as provided in section 83-1,119;

(8) Delegate in his or her discretion any of the above responsibilities to a parole officer under his or her supervision; and

(9) Exercise all powers and perform all duties necessary and proper in carrying out his or her responsibilities.


Cross References

  • Definitions applicable, see section 29-2246.
  • Medical Assistance Act, see section 68-901.