Nebraska Revised Statute 83-1,103.04

Chapter 83


Lifetime community supervision; determination or revision of conditions; appeal; burden of proof.

(1) Whenever a determination or revision of the conditions of community supervision is made by the Division of Parole Supervision, the individual subject to the conditions shall be entitled to an appeal. The appeal shall be heard by the district court in the county where the individual resides. The individual shall be informed of his or her right to request counsel, and if counsel is requested the court shall determine if the individual is indigent. If the court finds the individual to be indigent, it shall appoint counsel from the public defender's office to represent the individual during the appeal.

(2) In an appeal contesting the determination or revision of the conditions of community supervision, the burden of proof shall be on the individual subject to community supervision to show by clear and convincing evidence (a) that the conditions in question will not reduce the risk of the individual reoffending or otherwise protect the public or (b) that the condition is overly restrictive of the individual's freedom and a less restrictive condition is available which is equally or more effective in reducing the risk of the individual reoffending.