Nebraska Revised Statute 83-1,102

Chapter 83


Director of Supervision and Services; duties.

The Director of Supervision and Services shall:

(1) Supervise and administer the Division of Parole Supervision;

(2) Establish and maintain policies, standards, and procedures for the field parole service and the community supervision of sex offenders pursuant to section 83-174.03;

(3) Divide the state into parole districts and appoint district parole officers and such other employees as may be required to carry out adequate parole supervision of all parolees, prescribe their powers and duties, and obtain division offices for staff in each district as may be necessary;

(4) Cooperate with the Board of Parole, the courts, the Community Corrections Division of the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, and all other agencies, public and private, which are concerned with the treatment or welfare of persons on parole;

(5) Provide the Board of Parole and district judges with any record of a parolee which the board or such judges may require;

(6) Make recommendations to the Board of Parole or district judge in cases of violation of the conditions of parole, issue warrants for the arrest of parole violators when so instructed by the board or district judge, notify the Director of Correctional Services of determinations made by the board, and upon instruction of the board, issue certificates of parole and of parole revocation to the facilities and certificates of discharge from parole to parolees;

(7) Organize and conduct training programs for the district parole officers and other employees;

(8) Use the funds provided under section 83-1,107.02 to augment operational or personnel costs associated with the development, implementation, and evaluation of enhanced parole-based programs and purchase services to provide such programs aimed at enhancing adult parolee supervision in the community and treatment needs of parolees. Such enhanced parole-based programs include, but are not limited to, specialized units of supervision, related equipment purchases and training, and programs that address a parolee's vocational, educational, mental health, behavioral, or substance abuse treatment needs, including evidence-based peer and family support programs;

(9) Ensure that any risk or needs assessment instrument utilized by the system be periodically validated;

(10) Report annually to the Governor and electronically to the Clerk of the Legislature beginning January 1, 2015, the number of parole revocations and the number of technical violations of parole; and

(11) Exercise all powers and perform all duties necessary and proper in carrying out his or her responsibilities.

Cross References

  • Definitions applicable, see section 29-2246.