81-885.53. Continuing education and training; licensee; requirements.

Except for inactive licensees, the commission shall not renew a license or issue a new license to any licensee who has failed to comply with the requirements of sections 81-885.49 to 81-885.54. Inactive licensees may renew their licenses at the end of the two-year period without having completed the hours of continuing education and training activities required by section 81-885.51 for each two-year period. Inactive licensees shall not be activated until the licensee has satisfactorily completed the total number of deficient hours of continuing education activities and filed evidence of such completion with the commission, except that no inactive licensee shall be required to make up more than the number of hours of continuing education required by section 81-885.51 for a two-year period.

Source:Laws 1985, LB 101, § 9; Laws 2002, LB 863, § 27; Laws 2011, LB24, § 4.