81-885.35. Subdivision real estate; investigation; expenses; certificate; conditions.

(1) The commission shall thoroughly investigate all matters relating to the application and may require a personal inspection of the real estate by a person or persons designated by it. All expenses incurred by the commission in investigating such real estate and the proposed sale thereof in this state shall be borne by the applicant and the commission shall require a deposit sufficient to cover such expenses prior to incurring the same.

(2) No application shall be approved by the commission unless the subdivider offers satisfactory proof of his or her ability to provide promised public improvements such as but not limited to water, sewer, gas, and streets. Satisfactory proof shall be in the form of performance bonds or other security.

(3) Obtaining a certificate of registration shall constitute sufficient contact with this state for the exercise of personal jurisdiction over such applicant in any action arising out of the applicant's activity in this state.

Source:Laws 1973, LB 68, § 35; Laws 1983, LB 447, § 96; Laws 1983, LB 182, § 26.