81-885.29. Findings and determination by commission; license revoked or suspended; when; censure; civil fine; stay of execution; probation.

After the hearing the commission shall state in writing, officially signed by the chairperson and attested to by the director, its findings and determination and its order in the matter. If the commission determines that the licensee has been guilty of any violation of the Nebraska Real Estate License Act or the rules and regulations of the commission or the violator has been guilty of a violation of section 81-885.03, the commission may revoke or suspend the license, enter an order censuring the licensee, or impose a civil fine on a licensee pursuant to section 81-885.10 or on a violator pursuant to section 81-885.03. The execution of a penalty of suspension may be stayed by the commission and the licensee may be placed on probation for the suspension period, after satisfactory completion of which his or her license shall be fully reinstated. Any violation of the act or the rules and regulations by the licensee during the period of probation shall cause the immediate execution of the suspension penalty.

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