81-885.27. Hearing; witnesses; subpoenas; depositions.

In the preparation and conducting of the hearing, the director shall have power to issue and sign subpoenas to require the attendance and testimony of any witness and the production of any papers, books, or documents. The chairperson or any member of the commission may administer oaths, examine the witnesses, and take any evidence he or she deems pertinent to the determination of the charges. Any witness subpoenaed shall be entitled to the same fees as prescribed by law in judicial proceedings in the district courts of this state in civil actions and mileage at the rate provided in section 81-1176 for state employees, but the payment of such fees and mileage shall be paid out of and kept within the limits of the funds created from license fees. The party against whom such charges may be filed shall have the right to obtain from the director a subpoena for any witnesses which he or she may desire at such hearing. Depositions may also be taken and used as in civil cases in the district courts.

Source:Laws 1973, LB 68, § 27; Laws 1981, LB 204, § 179.