Nebraska Revised Statute 81-8,246

Chapter 81


Public Counsel; particular administrative acts addressed.

In selecting matters for his attention, the Public Counsel shall address himself particularly to an administrative act that might be:

(1) Contrary to law or regulation;

(2) Unreasonable, unfair, oppressive, or inconsistent with the general course of an administrative agency's judgments;

(3) Mistaken in law or arbitrary in ascertainments of fact;

(4) Improper in motivation or based on irrelevant considerations;

(5) Unclear or inadequately explained when reasons should have been revealed; or

(6) Inefficiently performed.

The Public Counsel may concern himself also with strengthening procedures and practices which lessen the risk that objectionable administrative acts will occur.


  • Laws 1969, c. 762, § 7, p. 2881.