81-8,239.05. Indemnification of state officials and employees; when; Attorney General; duties; report.

(1) The State of Nebraska shall indemnify its officials and employees and its past officials and employees for money damages and reasonable costs incurred as a result of an act or omission occurring in the course and scope of employment of such official or employee after May 22, 1981. Such official's or employee's right to indemnification shall include the payments of awards, settlements, and associated costs, including appeal bonds and reasonable costs associated with a required appearance before any tribunal.

(2) Subsection (1) of this section shall not apply in case of malfeasance in office or willful or wanton neglect of duty. This section shall not be interpreted as an expansion of any state official's or employee's personal liability.

(3) The Attorney General shall notify the Risk Manager when an official or employee is being represented by the Attorney General or has engaged competent counsel approved by the Attorney General. The reasonable costs of litigation, including appeal bonds, or the reasonable costs of any appearance before any tribunal shall be paid by the Risk Manager from the State Self-Insured Indemnification Fund.

(4) The Attorney General shall file copies of all awards and settlements and any final court approval with the Risk Manager and shall request that the Risk Manager make the required payments, if funds are available, from the State Self-Insured Indemnification Fund, except that any portion of an award or settlement which is for punitive damages may only be paid with the approval of the Legislature. The official or employee may file a claim under the State Miscellaneous Claims Act if payment is not made.

(5) The Risk Manager shall report electronically all claims and judgments paid from the State Self-Insured Indemnification Fund to the Clerk of the Legislature annually. The report shall include the name of the claimant, the amount claimed and paid, and a brief description of the claim, including any agency, program, and activity under which the claim arose. Any member of the Legislature may receive an electronic copy of the report by making a request to the Risk Manager.

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