Nebraska Revised Statute 81-8,224

Chapter 81


Award; certification; payment; review, when.

(1) Any award to a claimant and any judgment in favor of a claimant under the State Tort Claims Act shall be certified by the Risk Manager or State Claims Board to the Director of Administrative Services who shall promptly issue a warrant for payment of such award or judgment out of the Tort Claims Fund or State Insurance Fund, as appropriate, if sufficient money is available in the fund, except that no portion in excess of fifty thousand dollars of any award or judgment shall be paid until such award or judgment has been reviewed by the Legislature and specific appropriation made therefor. All awards and judgments which arise out of the same facts and circumstances shall be reported to the Legislature if the aggregated amount exceeds fifty thousand dollars.

(2) Any award, judgment, or associated costs on a claim which is covered by liability insurance or by group self-insurance, the amount of which falls within the applicable policy's self-insured retention, shall be paid from the State Insurance Fund.

(3) Delivery of any warrant in satisfaction of an award or judgment shall be made only upon receipt of a written release by the claimant in a form approved by the State Claims Board.