81-8,200. Certificate of licensure; fee; expiration; notice.

Certificates of licensure shall expire on the last day of December following their issuance or renewal and shall become invalid on that date unless renewed before the expiration date with the payment of a fee in an amount the board shall determine. The board shall notify every licensee of the expiration date of his or her certificate and the amount of the annual renewal fee at least one month in advance. The fee to be paid for the renewal of a certificate after December 31 shall be increased by ten percent for each month or fraction of a month such payment is delayed, except that the maximum fee for a delayed renewal shall not exceed twice the amount of the original renewal fee and no renewals shall be made after a lapse of one year after the original expiration date thereof. Renewal fees shall not be required while the professional landscape architect is on active duty with the armed forces of the United States. Application for renewal of a lapsed license shall be in the same manner as provided for an original application pursuant to section 81-8,196.

Source:Laws 1967, c. 565, § 17, p. 1865; Laws 1984, LB 477, § 9; Laws 2012, LB1140, § 16.