Nebraska Revised Statute 81-8,198

Chapter 81


Licensee; seal; use; effect; prohibited acts; qualifications to perform professional services.

(1) Each licensee shall provide himself or herself with a suitable seal with a uniform inscription thereon formulated by the board with which he or she shall stamp all plans, specifications, and reports prepared by him or her when required. The following shall be stated on the seal: State of Nebraska, the licensee's name, the license number, and Professional Landscape Architect.

(2) Whenever the seal is applied, the licensee's signature shall be across the seal. The board may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for application of the seal.

(3) The seal and date of its placement shall be on all technical submissions and calculations whenever presented to a client or any public or governmental agency. It shall be unlawful for a licensee to affix his or her seal and signature or to permit his or her seal and signature to be affixed to any document after the expiration of the certificate of licensure or for the purpose of aiding or abetting any other person to evade or attempt to evade the Professional Landscape Architects Act.

(4) The seal and date shall be placed on final plans and specifications and reports as required in such a manner that the seal, signature, and date will be reproduced and be in compliance with rules and regulations of the board, if any. The application of the licensee's seal shall constitute certification that the work was done in accordance with the act.

(5) A landscape architect shall undertake to perform professional services only when the landscape architect is qualified by education, training, and experience in the specific technical areas involved.