Nebraska Revised Statute 81-8,191

Chapter 81


Board; committee; powers; Attorney General; legal advisor.

The board and any committee of the board is entitled to the services of the Attorney General in the connection with the affairs of the board and may compel the attendance of witnesses, administer oaths, and take testimony and proofs concerning all matters within its jurisdiction. The Attorney General shall act as legal advisor to the board and render such legal assistance as may be necessary in carrying out the Professional Landscape Architects Act. The board may expend funds to promote licensure of professional landscape architects in this state subject to section 84-733.


  • Laws 1967, c. 565, § 8, p. 1862;
  • Laws 1981, LB 204, § 184;
  • Laws 2020, LB30, § 5.
  • Effective Date: November 14, 2020