81-8,185. License required; display of certificate of licensure; current certificate holder; how treated.

(1) No person shall engage in the practice of professional landscape architecture or use or advertise any sign, title, or description tending to imply or designate that such a person is a professional landscape architect unless he or she is licensed as such as provided in the Professional Landscape Architects Act. Every licensee shall display his or her certificate of licensure in a conspicuous place at his or her place of business.

(2) Any person holding a certificate of registration under the act as of July 19, 2012, shall be deemed to be duly licensed under the act until the expiration of such certificate.

Source:Laws 1967, c. 565, § 2, p. 1861; Laws 1971, LB 98, § 2; Laws 2012, LB1140, § 3.