81-520.03. Land-management burning, defined; fire chief of local fire department; designate member of department.

(1) For purposes of sections 81-520.01 to 81-520.05, the fire chief of a local fire department may designate a member of the local fire department to share the powers and duties of the fire chief under such sections, except adopting standards pursuant to subsection (4) of section 81-520.01.

(2) For purposes of sections 81-520.04 and 81-520.05, land-management burning means the controlled application of fire to existing vegetative matter on land utilized for grazing, pasture, forests, or grassland to control weeds, pests, insects, and disease, prevent wildland fires, manage watersheds, care for windbreaks, and conduct scientific research.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 408, § 3; Laws 2011, LB248, § 2.