81-520. Buildings; fire hazards; abatement; penalty.

The State Fire Marshal or any deputy or inspector who finds in any building or upon or beneath any premises any combustibles or explosive material, rubbish, rags, waste, oil, gasoline, or inflammable matter of any kind endangering the safety of such building or property or the occupants thereof or the occupants of adjoining buildings shall order such materials removed or such dangerous condition abated within a specified time. Such order shall be in writing and directed generally to the owner, lessee, agent, or occupant of such building or premises, and any such owner, lessee, agent, or occupant upon whom such order shall be served who fails to comply with such order within the time prescribed in the order shall be guilty of a Class V misdemeanor. Such material may be removed or dangerous condition abated at the expense of the owner of such building and premises or the person upon whom such service is so made, or both, and the State Fire Marshal may maintain all necessary actions for the recovery thereof.

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