81-503.01. State Fire Code; State Fire Marshal; duties; contents; enforcement; plans; review; late penalty.

(1) The State Fire Marshal shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations constituting a State Fire Code. At a minimum, the State Fire Code shall cover:

(a) The prevention of fires;

(b) The storage, sale, and use of flammable liquids, combustibles, and fireworks;

(c) Electrical wiring and heating, protection equipment devices, materials, furnishings, and other safeguards within structures necessary to promote safety and reduce loss by fire;

(d) The means and adequacy of exits, in case of fire, in assembly, educational, institutional, residential, mercantile, office, storage, and industrial-type occupancies as such structures are defined in the State Fire Code;

(e) All other buildings, structures, and enclosures in which numbers of persons congregate from time to time for any purpose, whether privately or publicly owned;

(f) Design, construction, location, installation, and operation of equipment for storing, handling, and utilization of liquefied petroleum gases, specifying the odorization of such gases and the degree thereof;

(g) Chemicals, prozylin plastics, X-ray nitrocellulose films, or any other hazardous material that may now or hereafter exist;

(h) Tanks used for the storage of regulated substances pursuant to the Petroleum Products and Hazardous Substances Storage and Handling Act; and

(i) Accessibility standards and specifications adopted pursuant to section 81-5,147.

(2) Not later than July 1, 2019, the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated as part of the State Fire Code shall conform generally to the standards recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, Pamphlet Number 1, known as the Fire Code, 2012 edition, the National Fire Protection Association, Pamphlet Number 101, known as the Life Safety Code, 2012 edition, and associated pamphlets, but not when doing so would impose an unduly severe or costly burden without substantially contributing to the safety of persons or property.

(3) The State Fire Marshal shall enforce the State Fire Code through inspections, code compliance, and orders. Plans for compliance with the State Fire Code shall be reviewed by the State Fire Marshal. Plans submitted after remodeling or construction has begun shall be accompanied by a penalty of fifty dollars in addition to the plan review fee established pursuant to subdivision (4)(a) of section 81-505.01.

(4) Rules and regulations adopted and promulgated as part of the State Fire Code shall apply to sites or structures in public ownership listed on the National Register of Historic Places but without destroying the historic quality thereof.

Source:Laws 2018, LB889, § 3; Laws 2021, LB37, § 2.

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