81-5,228. Defective or unsafe condition; notice to owner or user; temporary certificate; when issued.

The state elevator inspector shall notify the owner or user in writing of any conveyance found to be unsafe or unfit for operation setting forth the nature and extent of any defect or other unsafe condition. If the conveyance can be used without making repair or replacement of defective parts or may be used in a limited capacity before repairs or replacements are made, the state elevator inspector may issue a temporary certificate of inspection which shall state the terms and conditions of operation under the temporary certificate. The temporary certificate shall be valid for no longer than thirty days unless an extension is granted by the state elevator inspector for good cause shown.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 489, § 19; R.S.1943, (2010), § 48-2519; Laws 2019, LB301, § 64.