81-5,222. State elevator inspector; inspections required; written report.

(1) Except as provided otherwise in the Conveyance Safety Act, the state elevator inspector shall inspect or cause to be inspected conveyances which are located in a building or structure, other than a private residence, at least once every twelve months in order to determine whether such conveyances are in a safe and satisfactory condition and are properly constructed and maintained for their intended use.

(2) Subsequent to inspection of a conveyance, the inspector shall supply owners or lessees with a written inspection report describing any and all violations. An owner has thirty days after the date of the published inspection report to correct the violations.

(3) All tests done for the conveyance inspection shall be performed by a licensed elevator mechanic.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 489, § 13; R.S.1943, (2010), § 48-2513; Laws 2019, LB301, § 58.