Nebraska Revised Statute 81-5,220

Chapter 81


Existing conveyance; prohibited acts; licensed elevator mechanic; licensed elevator contractor; when required; new conveyance installation; requirements.

(1) No person shall wire, alter, replace, remove, or dismantle an existing conveyance contained within a building or structure located in a county that has a population of more than one hundred thousand inhabitants unless such person is a licensed elevator mechanic or he or she is working under the direct supervision of a person who is a licensed elevator mechanic. Neither a licensed elevator mechanic nor a licensed elevator contractor is required to perform nonmechanical maintenance of a conveyance. Neither a licensed elevator contractor nor a licensed elevator mechanic is required for removing or dismantling conveyances which are destroyed as a result of a complete demolition of a secured building.

(2) It shall be the responsibility of licensed elevator mechanics and licensed elevator contractors to ensure that installation and service of a conveyance is performed in compliance with applicable fire and safety codes. It shall be the responsibility of the owner of the conveyance to ensure that the conveyance is maintained in compliance with applicable fire and safety codes.

(3) All new conveyance installations shall be performed by a licensed elevator mechanic under the control of a licensed elevator contractor or by a licensed elevator contractor. Subsequent to installation, a licensed elevator contractor shall certify compliance with the Conveyance Safety Act.