Nebraska Revised Statute 81-5,192

Chapter 81


State Fire Marshal; adopt rules and regulations; administer act.

The State Fire Marshal shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations (1) for the safe installation, repair, maintenance, use, operation, and inspection of amusement rides as the State Fire Marshal may find necessary for the protection of the general public and (2) necessary to carry out the provisions of the Nebraska Amusement Ride Act. Such rules and regulations shall be of a reasonable nature, based upon generally accepted engineering standards, formulas, and practices, and, insofar as practicable and consistent with the Nebraska Amusement Ride Act, uniform with rules and regulations of other states. Whenever such standards are available in suitable form they may be incorporated by reference by the State Fire Marshal. The State Fire Marshal shall administer and enforce the Nebraska Amusement Ride Act and all rules and regulations adopted and promulgated pursuant to such act. The State Fire Marshal shall coordinate all regulatory and investigative activities with the appropriate state agencies.