Nebraska Revised Statute 81-5,182

Chapter 81


Defective boiler; State Fire Marshal; state boiler inspector; powers.

In addition to any and all other remedies, if any owner, user, or person in charge of any boiler required to be inspected by the Boiler Inspection Act continues to use the same after receiving a notice of defect as provided by the act, without first correcting the defects or making replacements, the State Fire Marshal may apply to the district court or any judge thereof by petition in equity, in an action brought in the name of the state, for a writ of injunction to restrain the use of the alleged defective boiler or if the continued operation of the boiler poses serious risk or harm to the general public, the state boiler inspector may take those actions required to immediately shut down and cause to be inoperable any boiler required to be inspected by the act.


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