81-5,158. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 81-5,158 to 81-5,164:

(1) Responsible managing employee means an individual employed full time by the water-based fire protection system contractor who (a) is currently certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies at level III or IV in fire protection engineering technology, automatic sprinkler system layout, or another nationally recognized certification in automatic sprinkler system layout recognized by the State Fire Marshal, (b) has completed and passed an examination administered by the State Fire Marshal, and (c) is an owner, partner, or officer or in a management position of a contractor;

(2) Water-based fire protection system means a system of overhead piping: (a) Designed in accordance with fire protection engineering standards, usually activated by heat from a fire and which, when activated, discharges water over a fire area; (b) supplied from an acceptable water supply; (c) which is specially sized or hydraulically designed and installed in a building, structure, or fire area to which fire sprinklers are connected; and (d) which includes a controlling valve and usually a device for actuating an alarm when the system is in operation. Only the portion of the water-based fire protection system which is separate from the domestic water system is considered the water-based fire protection system. Water-based fire protection systems include wet-pipe systems, dry-pipe systems, foam-water systems, pre-action systems, deluge systems, combined dry-pipe and pre-action systems, standpipe systems, combined standpipe and sprinkler systems, water-spray fixed systems, fire pumps, fire protection water storage tanks, antifreeze systems, and circulating closed-loop systems; and

(3) Water-based fire protection system contractor means a person engaged in the business of installation, repair, alteration, addition, maintenance, or inspection of water-based fire protection systems, but does not include (a) individuals employed by and working under the direction of a contractor or (b) local building officials, fire inspectors, or insurance inspectors when acting in their official capacity.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 636, ยง 1.