Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2,288.01

Chapter 81


Regulatory authority; inspection reporting requirements.

(1) The regulatory authority shall document on an inspection report form:

(a) Administrative information about the food establishment's legal identity, street and mailing addresses, type of establishment and operation, inspection date, status of the permit, and personnel certificates that may be required;

(b) Specific factual observations of violative conditions, omissions, or other deviations from the requirements of the Nebraska Pure Food Act that require correction by the permitholder; and

(c) Whether the violations listed are priority items, priority foundation items, or repeated.

(2) The regulatory authority shall specify on the inspection report form the timeframe for correction of the violations as specified in the Nebraska Pure Food Act.

(3) All procedures and requirements related to the inspection of food establishments in the act apply to food processing plants and salvage operations.

(4) The completed inspection report form is a public document that shall be made available for public disclosure to any person who requests it according to law.