Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2,168

Chapter 81


Beekeeping; inspection; notice to owner; University of Nebraska; duties.

If upon inspection of any bee colonies in the state the existence of diseases, parasites, or pests are found, the owner or person in charge of the bees, after being notified by the department of the nature of the disease, parasite, or pest shall use the best method of treating such disease, parasite, or pest.

Within the appropriation provided, the University of Nebraska shall provide information for beekeepers regarding the best method of preventing or treating such disease, parasite, or pest. When establishing the best method of prevention or treatment, the University of Nebraska shall consider (1) the specific disease, parasite, or pest found, (2) the severity of the infestation, (3) the time of year such disease, parasite, or pest was found, (4) the effectiveness of current control methods, and (5) any other factors deemed necessary by the University of Nebraska to effectively control the disease, parasite, or pest.


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