Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2,147.05

Chapter 81


Exempt seed or grain.

(1) Sections 81-2,147.02 and 81-2,147.03 shall not apply:

(a) To seed or grain not intended for sowing purposes;

(b) To seed in storage in, or being transported or consigned to, a cleaning or conditioning establishment for cleaning or conditioning, except that the invoice or labeling accompanying any shipment of such seed shall bear the statement Seed for Conditioning, and any labeling or other representation which may be made with respect to the uncleaned unconditioned seed shall be subject to the Nebraska Seed Law;

(c) To any carrier in respect to any seed transported or delivered for transportation in the ordinary course of its business as a carrier if such carrier is not engaged in producing, conditioning, or marketing agricultural, vegetable, or flower seeds subject to the Nebraska Seed Law; or

(d) To seed libraries.

(2) No person shall be subject to the penalties of the Nebraska Seed Law for having sold agricultural, vegetable, or flower seed which was incorrectly labeled or represented as to kind, variety, or origin, if required, which seeds cannot be identified by examination thereof, unless he or she has failed to obtain an invoice, genuine grower's declaration, or other labeling information and to take such other precautions as may be reasonable to insure the identity to be as stated.