81-188.05. State College Building Renewal Assessment Fund; created; use; investment.

(1) The State College Building Renewal Assessment Fund is created. The fund shall be under the control of the Governor for allocation to building renewal projects and building renovation projects of the Nebraska state colleges. No amounts accruing to the State College Building Renewal Assessment Fund shall be transferred to any other fund and no amounts accruing to the fund shall be expended in any manner for purposes other than as provided in this section or as appropriated by the Legislature to meet the cost of administering the Deferred Building Renewal Act.

(2) Revenue credited to the fund shall include amounts as provided by the Legislature and such other revenue as may be incident to administration of the fund.

(3) Amounts appropriated from the fund shall be expended to conduct renewal work as defined in section 81-173, to conduct renovation work, and to complete other improvements incident to such renewal or renovation work as deemed necessary or appropriate by the task force. Expenditures from the fund for capital improvements shall be limited to exclude expenditures for capital improvement projects relating to facilities, structures, or buildings from which revenue is derived and pledged for the retirement of revenue bonds issued under sections 85-403 to 85-411.

(4) Any money in the fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.

(5) For purposes of this section, renovation work means work to replace the interior or exterior systems of an existing building to accommodate changes in use of building space or changes in programmatic need for building space.

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