81-180. Building renewal funds; expenditures; allocation of funds; procedure.

The Building Renewal Allocation Fund, State Building Renewal Assessment Fund, University Building Renewal Assessment Fund, and State College Building Renewal Assessment Fund shall only be expended for the purpose of building renewal work except as appropriated by the Legislature to meet the cost of administering the Deferred Building Renewal Act or as otherwise provided. In each fiscal year, expenditures for the cost of administering the act from any one of such funds shall be proportional to the revenue credited to such fund in the preceding fiscal year in comparison to the total revenue credited to all of such funds in such year. As applicable, each agency shall be allocated funds as directed by the Governor using the system of priorities established in section 81-178. In the making of allocations from such funds, the Governor shall follow a policy that first considers the use of private enterprise services for deferred maintenance projects while using state employees primarily for the performance of preventive maintenance. When such preventive maintenance is of a nature that only occasional highly technical attention is scheduled, primary consideration shall be given to using contractual services. The task force shall review all such contracts for such services from private enterprises.

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