81-161.03. Direct purchases, contracts, or leases; approval required, when; report required; materiel division; duties; Department of Correctional Services; purchases authorized.

The materiel division may, by written order, permit purchases, contracts, or leases to be made by any using agency directly with the vendor or supplier whenever it appears to the satisfaction of the materiel division that, because of the unique nature of the personal property, the price in connection therewith, the quantity to be purchased, the location of the using agency, the time of the use of the personal property, or any other circumstance, the interests of the state will be served better by purchasing or contracting direct than through the materiel division.

Such permission shall be revocable and shall be operative for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of issue. Using agencies receiving such permission shall report their acts and expenditures under such orders to the materiel division in writing and furnish proper evidence that competition has been secured at such time and covering such period as may be required by the materiel division.

The materiel division shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations establishing criteria which must be met by any agency seeking direct market purchase authorization. Purchases for miscellaneous needs may be made directly by any agency without prior approval from the materiel division for purchases of less than twenty-five thousand dollars if the agency has completed a certification program as prescribed by the materiel division.

The Department of Correctional Services may purchase raw materials, supplies, component parts, and equipment perishables directly for industries established pursuant to section 83-183, whether such purchases are made to fill specific orders or for general inventories. Any such purchase shall not exceed fifty thousand dollars. The department shall comply with the bidding process of the materiel division and shall be subject to audit by the materiel division for such purchases.

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