81-1606. Department of Environment and Energy; energy statistics and information; develop and maintain; report.

The Department of Environment and Energy shall develop and maintain a program of collection, compilation, and analysis of energy statistics and information. Existing information reporting requests, maintained at the state and federal levels, shall be utilized whenever possible in any data collection required regarding state energy policy pursuant to this section, subdivisions (35) through (58) of section 81-1504, or section 81-1604 or 81-1607. A central state repository of energy data shall be developed and coordinated with other governmental data-collection and record-keeping programs. The department shall, on at least an annual basis, with monthly compilations, submit to the Governor and the Clerk of the Legislature a report identifying state energy consumption by fuel type and by use to the extent that such information is available. The report submitted to the Clerk of the Legislature shall be submitted electronically. Nothing in this section shall be construed as permitting or authorizing the revealing of confidential information. For purposes of this section confidential information shall mean any process, formula, pattern, decision, or compilation of information which is used, directly or indirectly, in the business of the producer, refiner, distributor, transporter, or vendor, and which gives such producer, refiner, distributor, transporter, or vendor an advantage or an opportunity to obtain an advantage over competitors who do not know or use it.

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