81-154. Materiel division; standard specifications; establish and maintain; cooperation of using agencies; competitive bids.

The materiel division shall establish and maintain standard specifications for personal property purchased in the name of the state. The materiel division shall enlist the cooperation and assistance of the using agencies in the establishment, maintenance, and revision of standard specifications and shall encourage and foster the use of standard specifications in order that the most efficient purchase of personal property may be continuously accomplished. All such standard specifications shall be so drawn that it will be possible for three or more manufacturers, vendors, or suppliers to submit competitive bids. If a requisition for personal property exceeds fifty thousand dollars and bids cannot be obtained from three bidders, then the standard specifications of the personal property upon which bids are sought shall be reviewed by the materiel division and the using agencies involved. If it is determined by the materiel division, because of the special nature of the personal property sought to be purchased or leased or for any other reason, that the standard specifications should remain as written, bids may be accepted from a fewer number of bidders than three with the approval of the Governor or his or her designated representative.

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