Nebraska Revised Statute 81-15,186

Chapter 81


Department of Environment and Energy; issuance of letter; contents.

If the requirements of the Remedial Action Plan Monitoring Act are met and the applicant has remitted all applicable fees, the Department of Environment and Energy may issue to the applicant a letter stating that no further action need be taken at the site related to any contamination for which remedial action has been taken in accordance with the approved remedial action plan. Such letter shall provide that the department may require the person to conduct additional remedial action in the event that any monitoring conducted at or near the real property or other circumstances indicate that (1) contamination is reoccurring, (2) additional contamination is present which was not identified pursuant to section 81-15,184, or (3) additional contamination is present for which remedial action was not taken according to the remedial action plan. As a condition of issuance, the department may require payment of ongoing direct and indirect costs of oversight of any ongoing long-term operation, maintenance, and monitoring.