81-1404. Director of Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center; duties.

The director of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center shall devote full time to the duties of the office and shall not engage in any other business or profession or hold any other state public office. The director shall be responsible to the executive director of the commission for the operation of the training center and the conducting of training programs. The director of the training center shall:

(1) Appoint and remove for cause such employees as may be necessary for the operation of the training center and delegate appropriate powers and duties to them;

(2) Conduct research for the purpose of evaluating and improving the effectiveness of law enforcement training programs;

(3) Consult with the council on all matters pertaining to training schools, training academies, and continuing education;

(4) Supervise the administration of the pre-certification competency test;

(5) Ensure that all council rules and regulations with respect to law enforcement pre-certification, certification, continuing education, and training requirements are implemented and complied with and, in that capacity, act as the director of standards for the council;

(6) Advise the council concerning the operation of the training center, the requirements, as set by the council, for all training schools and training academies, and the formulation of training policies and regulations;

(7) Issue diplomas to students who successfully complete the prescribed basic course of study; and

(8) Maintain continuing education records in a central registry.

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