81-1360. Affirmative Action Administrator; duties; enumerated.

The administrator shall be the head of the office. The administrator shall be given all necessary top management support to insure that there is compliance with Nebraska's program and shall be provided with sufficient staff and budget support to carry out the duties of the office. The administrator shall:

(1) Have the authority and responsibility for coordinating, directing, and implementing the program;

(2) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for the implementation of the agencies' plans;

(3) Provide counseling and technical assistance to the agencies in the development of their plans;

(4) Review agency plans and direct modification to insure the effectiveness of the plans and their compliance with the program;

(5) Monitor the progress of agency plans by establishing reporting forms as required by the program;

(6) Review the quarterly reports of the agencies;

(7) Monitor the progress of the program and report quarterly to the Governor;

(8) Make formal recommendations for legislation, when necessary, in order to make changes in the program;

(9) Serve as liaison between the state and federal compliance agencies;

(10) Plan, coordinate, and conduct training in equal employment opportunity, racial awareness, and concerns of women, the disabled, and aging for all segments of the state government work force;

(11) Coordinate the activities of the agency affirmative action individual in each agency;

(12) Investigate any complaints involving unfair treatment, terms and conditions of employment, or perceived acts or policies involving discrimination;

(13) Conduct contract compliance reviews on all vendors, grantees, and contractors who have programs or projects which are funded in whole or in part by state funds; and

(14) Coordinate the Disadvantage Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise programs which are funded in whole or in part by state or federal funds.

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