Nebraska Revised Statute 81-12,166

Chapter 81 Section 12,166


Report; contents; certain records confidential.

(1) The department shall submit an annual report to the Governor and the Legislature on or before July 1 of each year which includes, but is not limited to, a description of the demand for financial assistance and programs under the Business Innovation Act from all geographic regions in Nebraska, a listing of the recipients and amounts of financial assistance awarded pursuant to the act in the previous fiscal year, the impact of the financial assistance, and an evaluation of the act's performance based on the documented goals of the recipients. The report submitted to the Legislature shall be submitted electronically. The department may require recipients to provide periodic performance reports to enable the department to fulfill the requirements of this section. The report shall contain no information that is protected by state or federal confidentiality laws.

(2) Applications for funding and related documentation which may be received, developed, created, or otherwise maintained by the Department of Economic Development in administering the Business Innovation Act may be deemed confidential by the department and not subject to public disclosure.