Nebraska Revised Statute 81-12,155.01

Chapter 81 Section 12,155.01


Bioscience Innovation Program; provide financial assistance.

(1) The department shall establish a Bioscience Innovation Program under the Business Innovation Act. The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to:

(a) Support small enterprise formation in the bioscience sector of Nebraska's rural and urban economies;

(b) Support the development of bioscience communities and economic opportunity through innovation in biofuels, biosensors, and biotechnology as it relates to animals, equipment, humans, industry, research, medical and health information, medical and health products, medical and health services, medical diagnostics, medical therapeutics, and pharmaceuticals;

(c) Enhance the creation of high-wage bioscience jobs to employ graduates of postsecondary educational institutions in Nebraska and to attract graduate students from other states;

(d) Encourage the development of new technologies in the bioscience sector and the creation of new startup businesses focused on bioscience;

(e) Leverage the state’s agricultural sector to support the development of emerging bioscience technologies impacting livestock operations and crop production; and

(f) Leverage the bioscience research and development conducted at postsecondary educational institutions in Nebraska to create private-sector bioscience enterprises.

(2) Private bioscience businesses and enterprises operating in Nebraska shall be eligible for financial assistance as described in sections 81-12,157, 81-12,158, 81-12,160, and 81-12,161. A bioscience business or enterprise receiving financial assistance pursuant to any of such sections shall provide a match of one hundred percent for such assistance.

(3) The program shall terminate when the fund created under section 81-12,163.01 terminates.