81-12,145. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that current economic conditions, lack of available industrial sites and buildings, and declining resources at all levels of government adversely affect the ability of Nebraska's cities and villages to obtain viable industrial sites on which to build businesses, obtain buildings, and create jobs. Lack of industrial sites and buildings also affects the ability of communities to maintain and develop stable and growth-prone economies.

Furthermore, the Legislature finds that Nebraska is at a competitive disadvantage for business development relative to other states in the nation due to a lack of appropriately sized industrial sites and buildings available for business relocations to Nebraska and expansions. The future of investment and jobs in Nebraska will suffer should the state continue to ignore this challenge.

To enhance the economic development of the state and to provide for the general prosperity of all of Nebraska's citizens, it is in the public interest to assist in the provision of industrial-ready sites and buildings in all areas of the state. The establishment of the Site and Building Development Fund will assist in creating conditions favorable to meeting the industrial readiness of the state.

Source:Laws 2011, LB388, ยง 2.