Nebraska Revised Statute 81-12,130

Chapter 81 Section 12,130


Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds and declares that:

(1) Insufficient venture capital resources exist within the State of Nebraska to meet substantial portions of the equity needs of new and high-growth business enterprises;

(2) Nebraska is a net exporter of venture capital;

(3) The venture capital needs of Nebraska business enterprises are not currently being met due to the lack of operational readiness and expertise among new and high-growth business enterprises;

(4) The best and primary role the State of Nebraska can play is creating an effective operational assistance program to assist Nebraska businesses in becoming venture-ready to effectively attract and retain capital in this state in partnership with the private sector;

(5) Entrepreneurs and high-growth business enterprises need technical assistance in understanding equity markets and how to position themselves to receive equity funding; and

(6) Creation of an operational assistance program must be flexible and market driven.