81-1114. Department of Administrative Services; building division; powers, duties, and responsibilities.

The building division shall have the following powers, duties, and responsibilities:

(1) Shall prepare, for submittal to the Governor and to the office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst, analyses of the cost of every desired land and building acquisition, new building construction, either underway or proposed, major repair or remodeling of new, newly acquired, or existing buildings, and each and every structural improvement to land, utilities, roads, walks, and parking lots, costing four hundred thousand dollars or more, but excluding right-of-way projects of the Department of Transportation. The analyses submitted to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst shall be submitted electronically. The Department of Administrative Services shall adjust the dollar amount in this section every four years beginning January 1, 2002, to account for inflationary and market changes. The adjustment shall be based on percentage changes in a construction cost index and any other published index relevant to operations and utilities costs, as selected by the department;

(2) Shall record the relationship between the proposed capital facilities and the individual or departmental agencies' operating programs with particular attention to needs of immediate or future operations of the department or agency submitting such plan;

(3) Shall make recommendations to the Governor, the committee of the Legislature which shall from time to time have responsibility for preparing recommendations for appropriations, and the individual department or agency concerned, on the probable costs of such acquisition, construction, repair, or remodeling. The recommendations submitted to the committee shall be submitted electronically; and

(4) Shall require the submission by each department and agency of the state of copies of all written contracts for acquisition, construction, repair, or remodeling, including federal contracts, before such contracts are executed by the executive officer of the state authorized to execute such contracts, and shall maintain copies of such contracts on file for inspection by the Legislative Fiscal Analyst.

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