81-1021. Identification requirements; exceptions.

(1) All motor vehicles acquired by the State of Nebraska except any vehicle rented as a bureau fleet vehicle shall be indelibly and conspicuously lettered, in plain letters of a contrasting color or reflective material:

(a) On each side thereof with the words State of Nebraska and following such words the name of whatever board, department, bureau, division, institution, including the University of Nebraska or state college, office, or other state expending agency of the state to which the motor vehicle belongs; and

(b) On the back thereof with the words State of Nebraska.

(2) This section shall not apply to motor vehicles used or controlled by:

(a) The Nebraska State Patrol, the Public Service Commission, the Game and Parks Commission, deputy state sheriffs employed by the Nebraska Brand Committee and State Fire Marshal for state law enforcement purposes, inspectors employed by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, and persons employed by the Tax Commissioner for state revenue enforcement purposes, the exemption for state law enforcement purposes and state revenue enforcement purposes being confined strictly to the seven agencies specifically named;

(b) The Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Correctional Services for the purpose of apprehending and returning escaped offenders or parole violators to facilities in the Department of Correctional Services and transporting offenders and personnel of the Department of Correctional Services and patients and personnel of the Department of Health and Human Services who are engaged in off-campus program activities;

(c) The Military Department;

(d) Vocational rehabilitation counselors and the Department of Health and Human Services for the purposes of communicable disease control, for the prevention and control of those communicable diseases which endanger the public health, or used by the Department of Health and Human Services in the enforcement of drug control laws or for other investigation purposes;

(e) The Department of Agriculture for special investigative purposes;

(f) The Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board for investigative purposes; and

(g) The Insurance Fraud Prevention Division of the Department of Insurance for investigative purposes.

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