8-815. Terms, defined.

As used in sections 8-815 to 8-829, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Department means the Department of Banking and Finance;

(2) Bank means the banks and trust companies organized under the laws of this state, and national banking associations doing business in this state and shall include national banking associations;

(3) Personal loan means a loan, and the contract evidencing the same, which is repayable, pursuant to a contract or understanding, in two or more equal or unequal installments, and within one hundred forty-five months, but shall not include any loan on which the interest does not exceed sixteen percent per annum. Personal loan includes loans for the purchase of mobile homes even though the loan is not repayable within one hundred forty-five months. Personal loan includes loans or advances initiated by credit card or other type of transaction card, including, but not limited to, those loan transactions initiated through electronic impulse; and

(4) Transaction card means a device or means used to access a prearranged revolving credit plan account.

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