8-703. Insolvent banks; appointment of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as receiver or liquidator.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation created by section 8 of the Federal Banking Act of 1933 (section 12B of the Federal Reserve Act, as amended) is hereby authorized and empowered to be and act without bond as receiver or liquidator of any banking institution, the deposits in which are to any extent insured by said corporation, and which shall have been closed on account of inability to meet the demands of its depositors. The appropriate state authority, having the right to appoint a receiver or liquidator of a banking institution, may, in the event of such closing, tender to said corporation the appointment as receiver or liquidator of such banking institution, and, if the corporation accepts such appointment, the corporation shall have and possess all the powers and privileges provided by the laws of this state with respect to a receiver or liquidator respectively of a banking institution, its depositors and other creditors, and be subject to all the duties of such receiver or liquidator except insofar as such powers, privileges or duties are in conflict with the provisions of subsection (1) of section 12B of the Federal Reserve Act, as amended (section 8 of the Banking Act of 1933).

Source:Laws 1935, c. 8, § 3, p. 73; C.S.Supp.,1941, § 8-403; R.S.1943, § 8-703.