8-223. Statements required; when; annual report, defined; penalty.

(1) The trust company shall file with the Department of Banking and Finance during the months of January and July of each year a statement under oath of the condition of the trust company on the last business day of the preceding December and June in the manner and form required by the department. For purposes of the Nebraska Trust Company Act, the trust company's annual report shall be deemed to be the report filed with the Department of Banking and Finance during the month of January.

(2) Any trust company that fails, neglects, or refuses to make or furnish any report or any published statement required by the Nebraska Trust Company Act shall pay to the department fifty dollars for each day such failure continues, unless the department extends the time for filing such report.

(3) The filing requirements of this section shall not apply to the trust department of a bank if the report of condition of the trust department is included in the reports of the bank required by the Nebraska Banking Act.

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