8-163. Dividends; withdrawal of capital or surplus prohibited; not made; when.

(1) No bank shall withdraw or permit to be withdrawn, either in the form of dividends or otherwise, any part of its capital or surplus without the written permission of the director. If losses have at any time been sustained equal to or exceeding the undivided profits on hand, no dividends shall be made without the written permission of the director. No dividend shall be made by any bank in an amount greater than the net profits on hand without the written permission of the director.

(2) As used in this section, net profits on hand means the remainder of all earnings from current operations plus actual recoveries on loans and investments and other assets after deducting from the total thereof all current operating expenses, losses, and bad debts, accrued dividends on preferred stock, if any, and federal and state taxes, for the present and two immediately preceding calendar years.

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