8-1602. Formation of bankers bank; requirements.

A bankers bank may be formed with the approval of the department and subject to requirements and procedures for the issuance of a new bank charter or the transfer of an existing bank charter as provided in the Nebraska Banking Act. A bankers bank shall be a bank which is:

(1) Insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation;

(2) Owned substantially by other Nebraska banks, bank holding companies, foreign bank holding companies, or a combination of such entities; and

(3) Directly and through all its subsidiaries engaged exclusively in providing services for other banks and their officers, directors, and employees.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 1123, § 2; Laws 1998, LB 1321, § 72; Laws 1999, LB 396, § 16; Laws 2006, LB 876, § 22.

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