8-148.02. Banks; subscribe, invest, buy, and own stock; agricultural credit corporation; livestock loan company; limitation.

Any bank may subscribe to, invest, buy, and own stock in any agricultural credit corporation or livestock loan company, or its affiliate, the principal business of which corporation must be the extension of short and intermediate term credit to farmers and ranchers, including partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations engaged in farming and ranching, for agricultural purposes, including the breeding, raising, fattening, or marketing of livestock. The bank shall not obligate more than thirty-five percent of its paid-up capital, surplus, undivided profits, capital reserves, capital notes, and debentures for such purposes, except that if the bank owns at least eighty percent of the voting stock of such agricultural credit corporation or livestock loan company, the limitation on the amount of obligation for such purposes shall not apply. Such subscription, investment, possession, or ownership is not subject to the provisions of sections 8-148, 8-149, and 8-150.

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