8-128. Capital stock; increase; decrease; notice; publication; denial by director, when.

The paid-in capital stock of any bank may be increased or decreased in the following manner: The stockholders at any regular meeting or at any special meeting duly called for such purpose shall by vote of those owning two-thirds of the capital stock authorize an officer of the bank to notify the department of the proposed increase or reduction of paid-in capital stock, and a notice containing a statement of the amount of any proposed reduction of paid-in capital stock shall be published for two weeks in some newspaper published and of general circulation in the county where the main office of such bank is located. Reduction of paid-in capital stock shall be discretionary with the director, but shall be denied if granting the same would reduce the paid-in capital stock below the requirements of the Nebraska Banking Act or would impair the security of the depositors. The bank shall notify the department when the proposed increase or decrease of the paid-in capital stock has been consummated.

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