8-119. Capital stock; sale; compensation prohibited; false statement; penalties.

No corporation organized for the purpose of conducting a bank under the laws of this state shall be granted the charter provided in section 8-122 until the corporation has filed with the department a statement, under oath, of the president or cashier of such corporation that no premium, bonus, commission, compensation, reward, salary, or other form of remuneration has been paid, or promised to be paid, to any person for selling the stock of such corporation. The president or cashier of any such corporation who shall be found guilty of filing a false statement under the provisions of this section is guilty of a Class I misdemeanor. If, after such charter has been delivered, the director determines, after a public hearing, that such statement is false, the department shall cancel such charter, and a receiver shall be appointed for such corporation in the manner provided for in case of a corporation which is conducting a bank in an unsafe or unauthorized manner.

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