Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1,106

Chapter 8


Insolvent banks; claims; filing; time limit.

The director, within twenty days after the declaration of insolvency of a bank, shall file with the clerk of the district court of the county in which the main office of such bank is located, a list setting forth the name and address of each of the creditors of such bank as shown by the books thereof or who are known by the director to be creditors, and within thirty days after filing the list of creditors, he or she shall also file an order fixing the time and place for filing claims against such bank. The time fixed for filing claims shall not be more than sixty days nor less than thirty days from the date of the filing of the order, and within seven days after the filing of such order, the director shall mail to each known creditor of such bank a copy of the order and a blank form for proof of claim. The director shall also post a copy of the order on the door of the bank, and within two weeks from the date of the order he or she shall cause notice to be given by publication, in such newspapers as he or she may direct, once each week for two successive weeks, calling on all persons who may have claims against the bank to present them to the director within the time and the place provided for in the order and to make proof thereof. Such claims shall be sworn to by the creditor or his or her representative. Any claim, other than claims for deposits and exchange, not presented and filed within the time fixed by such order shall be forever barred. Claims for deposits or exchange as shown by the books of the bank presented after the expiration of the time fixed in the order for filing claims may be allowed by the director upon a showing being made by the creditor, within six months from the date of the expiration of the time for filing claims as fixed by the order, that he or she did not have knowledge of the closing of the bank and did not receive notice within time to permit the filing of his or her claim before the time fixed for filing claims had expired.


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  • Section applies not only to depositor's claims but to all claims against assets in hands of receiver, and allowance of claim constitutes judgment. State ex rel. Spillman v. Platte Valley State Bank, 128 Neb. 562, 259 N.W. 643 (1935).

  • Special time limit for filing claims against insolvent state bank will be applied to bar claims only when the record affirmatively shows compliance with statutory procedure and conditions. State ex rel. Spillman v. State Bank of Papillion, 119 Neb. 525, 232 N.W. 585 (1930).

  • Duty of receiver to pay taxes before depositors whether claim for taxes filed or not, notwithstanding order of court barring claims not filed. State ex rel. Spillman v. Ord State Bank, 117 Neb. 189, 220 N.W. 265 (1928).