Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1,105

Chapter 8


Insolvent banks; reorganization or liquidation proceedings; district judge; jurisdiction.

In any proceeding in connection with the insolvency, liquidation, or reorganization of a bank of which a district court has jurisdiction, a judge of the district court shall exercise such jurisdiction in any county in the judicial district for which he or she was appointed to perform any official act in the manner and with the same effect as he or she might exercise in the county in which the matter arose, or to which it may have been transferred, and he or she may perform any such act in chambers with the same effect as in open court.


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  • Powers of district judge may be exercised at chambers. Mueller v. Keeley, 163 Neb. 613, 80 N.W.2d 707 (1957).

  • Under this section, jurisdiction is conferred upon a judge of the district court to act in chambers in connection with the insolvency, liquidation, or reorganization of a bank with the same effect as in open court. Department of Banking v. Hedges, 136 Neb. 382, 286 N.W. 277 (1939).

  • Appointment of receiver and judicial determination of deficiency of assets does not vest court appointing receiver with exclusive jurisdiction to try an equity suit for purpose of determining liability of stockholders. Parker v. Luehrmann, 126 Neb. 1, 252 N.W. 402 (1934).

  • Section sustained as constitutional, and suit for accounting brought by depositor against receiver of bank and state banking officials is a proceeding which may be tried in chambers under this section. Morrill County v. Bliss, 125 Neb. 97, 249 N.W. 98 (1933).

  • This section referred to in stating contentions of parties that former method of liquidating insolvent banks had been changed by 1929 act. State ex rel. Sorensen v. State Bank of Minatare, 123 Neb. 109, 242 N.W. 278 (1932).

  • On order to show cause, filed by bank receiver in district court of county where receivership proceedings are pending, court has jurisdiction, at chambers in another county, to adjudicate whether possession of land should be surrendered to receiver. State ex rel. Spillman v. Neligh State Bank, 116 Neb. 858, 219 N.W. 392 (1928).